2 questions about apricot build

  1. I don’t have a GLSL supporting graphics card or driver, does that mean that I can’t save the game as an exe, or play it? So if I gave it to someone who’s computer does support GLSL and they made it into an exe, would I be able to fully play it?

  2. If you go up to “file>verse” why does it allow you to connect to the internet? Has the Blender community come through and wrote a script that allows you to make an mmo?

Please answer!

  1. If it is made as an exe with GLSL turned on then you’ll need GLSL, maybe you can change that but you’ll risk it looking horrible (because it is made for glsl). If you choose blender materials when you make an exe it won’t require GLSL

Hi, verse is an data exchange mechanism

look there:


Wow! so we can exchange models and change them in realtime over the internet?! This would make group projects millions of times easier!