2 Questions about Exporting to unity with texture and buildings

Hey everyone, So i recently started to try and port my models over to unity. now i know shaders are a hard pass to port, but textures should work fine right? well using fbx and setting scale and rotation works fine besides the fact that no textures show up whatsoever, the materials do though.
So is there anyway to get this done? and also without baking everything?

And the question about building is just regarding to how do you efficiently model a building in blender to use in unity, do you make loos parts? or a full building as one object? or when making a bunker under ground for example. do you make some sort of build kit with hallways and stuff or just build the whole thing in one piece?

Thanks to everyone taking the time reading this and helping out!

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  • Most of Blender’s node shaders are not compatible with Unity materials (only basic diffuse/PBR, etc)
  • Your mesh needs to be unwrapped
  • You may need to manually assign UVs in Unity if you have multiple UVs for a mesh

Just to be on the safe side, have UV + image nodes setup like in the screenshot so that the material knows which UV and which texture to use for it’s inputs:

You might also look into more compatible export formats.

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Hi shader nodes frome blender not support in unity game engine, you make only export textures and texture maps and standart material diffuse shader, you always setup nodes in unity for material you models if you need custom effects or colors. For export buildings make parts - wall, door frame, celling, windows, and use this is part make build in unity its simple how constructor LEGO - if somebody house looking not right rebuild bad building

Thx this helped a lot!
I’m still figuring out a good workflow from blender to unity and with this in mind that should go a lot more easy.

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Set up materials using Unity’s internal material system (eg shadergraph). Then configure (inside unity) the import settings for that file to remap the blender materials to the unity materials.
If the blender material or texture name matches the unity material name, you can use the auto-remap (useful if there are lots of materials).

This workflow is still quite clunky as you have to set up material remaps for every asset file.

Maybe most game engine users expect to do that, but when working in BGE, or in Godot with the blender exporter (which I helped write), and in my own custom setups/game-specific-engines, the computer does it automatically.

That “clunky” method sounds like it would be more work and time consuming to check if everything is as you want it than it would be to completely re-do it, so thanks for saving me from trying to figure out that function and realizing it’s not what i need!