2 Questions about the mirror modifier

When I delete half of an object and use the mirror modifier, the mirrored half appears like a shaded object-like it’s on the bounding box setting- with no vertices or faces. I’m a noob, but this is a fairly recent development. When I first started playing around with blender, vertices appeared on the entire object, and that’s the way it goes in all of the tutorieals I’ve seen. What am I doing that changed the setting?

Also, how can you disable the mirror modifier? Let’s say you have used it to model a face and then you get to a point where you want to add certain details to one side of the face. How do you shut it off so that the details don’t appear on both sides?

Your first problems just sound like lack of experience. I’m not sure what you mean but I’ll try to help. All the mirror modifier has done for me is mirror the object about its center on the specified axis.

Press control tab to switch from verts to edges to faces?

And to disable the modifier you will have to apply it and then edit the mesh. After that though you can’t use mirror anymore.


Thanks for the fast replies, guys!

Urth, that was exactly the problem. I guess I may have hit the button one day and it stays that way until you hit it again.