2 questions about UV window

I must be missing something so basic. I am trying to use the method in Lile Hansens video tutorial, but i am having 2 problems.
I am having inconsistencies with getting the images to show up in the UV editor window. I loaded them, but when I click on the arrows to select them, it doesnt work, as in i click the arrow, highlight the image name, and then the selection arrows stay put, no file in the menu bar.
Also, when I add a new UV layer, I get this mostly opaque blue plane over the UV layout grid, which has vertices that can be moved to reveal yet more vertices.

Are there preliminary steps I am missing? I’ve tried loading the textures into the material first, setting input to UV, texface/no texface.
the tutorial: http://www.vimeo.com/1377005

As a side note, things seem more problematic in the apricot build as opposed to 2.47. Either way, although I can still render and see a texture, the texture mode in the 3D window is not showing textures, probably due to my macbooks crappy integrated graphics.

How are you unwrapping the mesh? Try using Unwrap (Smart Projections). This will give lots of islands, but should not have any overlapping faces. Also, make sure you have selected All faces, before you try to select the image.

On the video , he is not loading the images into the material yet - he has the material set to texface first and switches between them.

oh, so the blue layers are overlapping faces? Any reason why the texture mode is not working out? I did try clicking texface, but still it didn’t show up. If its my video card I’m buying a computer this weekend:cool:
Thanks for the replies, texturing my character is going to be my weekend project, so I will be on here a bit I assume.