2 questions from a n00b

Q. you know when you put a face right in the same path (coplanar) of another face and you get that chalky render? Yea well is there like a hotkey or something to fix that or will i have to do it the hard way? (trace all of the verticies of one face around the other)

Q2. Is it possible to cut objects with an other object or a second group of verticies as a guide instead of moving the original verticies? like using a plane through the thing your trying to cut and pressing a button to make coplanar verticies where the plane intersects each edge of the original object. use this as a visual aid. <–(im trying to make the diagonal cut like the real gun.)


Question 1 - you don’t have to trace vertexes the hard way - try selecting two and merging them - if they are coplanar then they should stay on the same plane.

Question 2 - boolean operations - these have never been great. I don’t like them. But - create a mesh (as simple as possible, though it’s best to use a closed shape like a cube rather than a plane) that overlaps your gun mesh where you want to cut it. Select the gun mesh, and then select the new mesh with shift held (to select both at once, but it’s important that you get the gun mesh first). Now press W and select difference from the menu.

This leaves the original two meshes untouched, but creates a new mesh from the gun mesh with the other mesh cut out from it. Move the original meshes away someplace (you might want to keep them) and you’ve got your cutaway - though you’ll probably now want to tweak faces.

Q1. merging verticies and things is what i meant by tracing them. i just thought there was an easy way out.

Q2. YES it worked. it may be a little messy (i take that back, WHOPPER MESSY) but when i cleaned it up, it looked better then my attempt at moving the vericies manually.

thanks for help