2 questions - Physics


Is it possible to make a “real world” physics engine with gravity?
A ball falls to the ground.


I saw a video where there was a house, and the camera moved around the house.
As the camera went around, the weather conditions changed from, sunny, rain, snow, lightning etc.

How do you make rain?



Not really. The realtime engine has physics, which are not usable in an animation, sadly.

The new particle system (currently in CVS and will be in 2.34) can simulate gravity, but particles can have no dimension, so it’s pretty useless for that, too, unless Leon adds a radius to particles (which should be fairly simple) and particle-particle collision (not too hard either :wink:


A particle system sounds well suited for simulating rain. Possibly combined with Dupliverts.

It is possible to write script, that will capture motion in game engine and then it will transform it to IPO curves.

I’m a n00b. :smiley:

Yes it is, there is no such thing implemented for blender though that I know of(except the game engine, but as said it aren’t usable for animation).
You could write a very basic one (a ball dropping and bouncing) in python though.

If you get the idea of writing a bouncing-script(It is really easy) look here:

Doing that correctly is harder than you seem to think it is. Just ask eeshlo if you have the chance to see him online.


Probably depends on the degree of correctness you want. I’ve implemented the “particle collision radius” in minutes in instinctive, but maybe it’s not too accurate or gives other problems… About the particle<->particle collision, I’m not sure as I haven’t tried :slight_smile: