2 questions regarding low poly uv mapping


Is there a convenient way to match 2 identical UV segments? Like the 2 legs overlapping to share the exact same space on the texture? (other than eyeballing) Note: I know about the mirror modifier, I simply don’t want to mirror everything.

Also, I guess that would be related. Is there a script for target weld in the UV editor? Weld at center doesn’t quite cut it.

(I did try a forum search. It’s just not very helpful since “UV” is too short a term…)

matching 2 segments: use the Reset to map those faces over top of one another so they use identical areas of the image.

There is Stitch in addition to weld

paulR, one easy way to do it is to map the left leg, then duplicate it. SX-1 will invert it, now you have identically mapped left and right legs in half the time :slight_smile: