2 questions: scale in 1 direction; export textures/meshes

(Gr8RedShark) #1

ok i have two questions that are pretty unrelated, but if I don’t post them now together, I’ll forget later :wink:

  1. Is it possible in blender to scale a mesh in only one direction? When I use the scale tool, it tells me how much my mesh is being scaled in all three (x,y,z) directions. Since it’s telling me all 3 directions, this seems like a hint that there’s a way to scale different amounts in different directions. I just can’t get it to happen or find a tutorial that explains it.

  2. Is there any way to export materials/textures, or meshes into seperate files? I made some pretty interesting things that I would like to move direectly into another file, but it seems to me that Blender can only have one file open at a time, so a copy and past that would work in most programs will not seem to work here. If I can export blender meshes, would they keel all their materials?

(banana_sock) #2

for the first question, while scaling, click the middle mouse button. If you don’t have one, im not too sure…

blender can append from one file to another. Open the blend you want to paste into, press shift f1, then load the blend you want to copy from and select the objects. If you just want to import a mesh, or a texture, there are separate menus for that. The object menu can import everything related to that mesh, ie textures, materials…

(dreamsgate) #3

if you don’t have middle mouse button, hold down Alt key.

(SimonK) #4

And there is always the “N” key to access the numerical values directlly. Enter the new number in the axis you want, press “OK” on the right, then insert a key frame.

(theeth) #5

you might want to use the Append function. Create a blank blend file (Ctrl-X), and press Shift-F1 (or select Append from the file menu). Then, browse to your other blend file, go to the Object list, select the one you want to import by right clicking on each then press Enter.