2 questions: uvmapping and gravity

  1. my first question is about uvmapping. when i uvmap a plane, for example, the texture is visible on one side only. How can i make it to be visible on both sides? I am making a room and this is a real problem.

  2. My second question is about gravity. Say i have objects with a plane under it (floor) and one object that you control. how can i make gravity affect the objects but not the object that you control. ie. i want it that all objects fall on to the floor ecxcept the object that you control.

Thanks a lot 8)

  1. Select the face you want to be visible from both sides, go to the “Paint Buttons” and press the “Twoside” button.

  2. Give the object you want to control an upward going force, so that this force equalizes the gravity.

Perhaps this helps you a little bit. :wink:

Yeah, an upward force of 9.8 should be enough to counteract gravity, unless you messed with the gravity slider in the world settings.

yes, i already gave my object an upward force of 9.81 but the you control the object and if it turns upside down or to the side then the force acts that way and is no longer counteracting gravity. any solutions?

Perhaps you could use an empty as dynamic actor and the object is parented to it…

Nah, just make sure the “L” switch on the motion actuator is deselected - then the force will be in that direction no matter which way the character turns.

Ooops :o ! Damn, I work too much on the GameDeployer… :wink:

yes ofcourse!! :smiley: :smiley: stupid me… :-? :-?