2 questions you can answer in 2 seconds (one second for each question)


So, 2 questions:

#1 Do you look at and appreciate other users avatars?

#2 Do you read, and (if they’re funny) laugh at other users signatures?

short answer: YES!

#1, 2: not really, no.

yes and yes

rarely and hardly ever

yes and no

  1. Does your foot itch inside your shoe? (trust me it will)
  2. When you chew beef jerky do your teeth ever squeak?


kinda, I look at them and use them more than the username to identify a user, but I don’t usually take the time to appreciate them.


  1. No. Most just bother me.
  2. No. Most funny signatures aren’t funny at all.

If we stopped using avatars, I’d have to start learning everyone’s names. That would be a big hassle. Like that guy who uses that dragon render… what’s his name again?

Anyway, I enjoy both, but I’m glad that no images are allowed in signatures.

yes to both
too bad it’s not possible to apply an animated gif as your avatar.

Mate, I have a solution for you-use animated png’s, still, you need opera/firefox to see them-look at my avatar for example, it’s animated. How to make animated png’s? Download firefox and look on google for “APNG Editor”- it’s an add-on for firefox-let’s you make animated png’s. And with a bit of Gimp, you’re OK!
#1,2-Yes to both :smiley:



…lol. You must be a rare breed indeed!

yes, yes
@Christani_if-i never realized your avatar was animated until now, it so slow.

1, yes, 2, no.

Uhm… still avatar pictures are nice, they add to the readability of the forums (no need to read names over and over again, one almost subconscious glance at the avatar is usually enough as you read threads).

Moving avatar pictures on the other hand are many times so extreme that they keep distracting when you try to read the text. There is no additional bonuses to readability, on the contrary, they take from it in my opinion.

You don’t know how sad panda you made me with those instructions :frowning:
Maybe there could be some option to enable/disable animated avatars in User Control Panel (if disabled, only the first frame is displayed etc)

PS. Your avatar is so subtly animated that it shouldn’t bother most of the people, but there are those who hate subtle moves on the corner of their eyes, it creeps some people.

PPS. It might not come as a surprise that I’m fan of Adblock Plus, neat Firefox add-on that strips most of the ads away from web pages.

1- Always
2- Sometimes/rarely