2 questions


I have 2 questions…

  1. I want to focus on rigging and animating.
    What si important to know?

Are drivers important or only constraints?
I know a bit about them but how important are they to rigging?

  1. I know this is a blender forum but I read if you want to get a job in the industry you need to learn maya.
    Is this true? So when you know how to rig and animate in blender You need to know maya?

Because i see that is said that maya is the tool for rigging and animating but I don’t think that blender is lesser then maya?

What’s your opinion on that?

Drivers and constraints are both important-- they behave differently. “Rigging” can refer to the entire process of weighting (“skinning”) a mesh and connecting it to deform bones, or it can refer to the process of creating useful controls for deform bones. In the first sense, it is certainly possible to rig without drivers or constraints (although not recommended); in the second sense, rigging is the use of drivers and constraints, no more and no less.

I’m probably not qualified to say what you need to know for an industry job, but it kinda depends on which industry and at what level. If you want to rig Gollum for the next LoTR movie, yes, you need to know Maya. (But wow, you need to know so much more than just Maya.) If you just want to rig, you need to rig in whatever engine your animator is comfortable working. Are there any Blender shops? Sure, but they tend to be smaller. Can a Blender animator+rigger team make output that can be used outside of Blender? Yes, and in some circumstances (like game engine work), that would be fine; in other circumstances, you’d be told, “Too difficult, just learn Maya.” Will Blender overtake Maya? Not in the next few years, no.

Is Maya better for rigging/animating? I’ve never used it, but I’ve read books where the author was talking primarily about Maya, and it sounds like it is better (node based rigging, its “constraints” are better behaved, and there’s a concept of deformation clusters which can lead to more easily placed “bones” with better deformation.) Is it worse for rigging/animating in any way? From talking to users, yes-- it takes forever to load a project, and crashes are frequent.

You’re mixing two disciplines here, Animation regardless of the medium or tool you use it’ll be the same or easier to adapt even if the studio uses a proprietary software ,so it has more to do with your animation skills than anything else.

Rigging however is very techncial and requires some knowledge on the software inner workings if you want to get really good at it, but basic knowledge is transferable too .
And you’ll be using all of them(Constraints, Drivers,Shapekeys,Python…etc)

Maya is widely used in games, VFX & Animation especially in the big studios but blender started to pique some interest , it’s shame that BF didn’t push forward in that direction & is mainly targeting indie studios.

I would add that if you intend to work professionally in any area (not just 3d) you need to be proficient with as many tools as possible (in this case software’s).