2 questions

  1. how do you put an reference image?
  2. how do you create an “instance mirror”
    please put VERY detailed instructions
  1. Beneath the 3d window, click on the view button. Scroll to background image. Browse for your image. If you want it in the render, then you’ll have to put it in “Backbuf”, but it doesn’t sound like that’s what you’re looking for.
  2. Huh? If you just mean mirror, it’s M key. If you mean something else, then I’m too dumb to know that.

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for an instanced mirror:
First select your object. Alt+D for duplication. (Not Shift+D, they’re different). Then press S to scale, press X,Y, or Z depending on the way you want to mirror it, and type -1. This will scale it -1 in the chosen direction, creating an instanced mirror. (When I’m mirroring somthing, I normaly place the 3D cursor where I want the object to be flipped over and make the rotation/scaling pivot the cursor)

Think everything I said was right, lol.

Oh yea, you might have to turn off double sided in the edit options, or the duplicated object will appear as solid black in the 3D window (pretty sure this isn’t a problem when you render though)

Another way to mirror is to select the desired verticies in Edit Mode and press M. A list will pop up and you have a choice of different ways to mirror the object.


I found it helpful to know that mirroring only works in Edit mode.