2 questions

1.) This is the first time I’m posting in these forums since the new look of the site and I wanted to know if its possible to find threads that I started in the past.

2.) I’m not sure if this belongs i the modelling or animation forum because it a little bit to do with both. But theres something I want to do, but dont know how to go about it.
I’m trying to model some game characters but I don’t want to do it the way the tutorials are saying to do it because its basically trying to deform a statue, it doesn’t look right.

Heres what I’m trying to do. Basically trying to have complete control over the vertices. What I mean by that is when I animate them, is there a way to make the vertices move in any desired direction at any desired speed when a condition is met? Like when an arm bends, the bicep would get larger at a certain speed and other parts of the arm would all deform in different directions at different speeds. Just like the real motion of a human being.
Also, when a part of the body is pulled, is there a way to make the neighboring vertices follow it like real skin being pulled and stretched?

Hope my question makes somewhat of a shred of sense. Thanks a lot for any help or advice ya’ll can throw my way. I appreciate it.

  1. Click on your name and then “Find (or show) all Posts by…”
  2. Blender’s not a physics simulation app, but if you use the StretchTo constraint you can get bulging muscles. Other organic movement can be acheived with Shapes, Driven Shapes, Widget Shapes and SoftBodies. You have to put time into rigging so the verts you want to control are controlled by the tools you use to control them, there is no ‘Ragdoll’ skin, hair, fat or fur but you can get pretty close.