2 Questions

Am having two probs with Blender’s interface here.

  1. First, when I select a shape using “B” (box select), it’s only selecting one half of the side. So, like, if I had a sphere evenly set on a plane, and I box selected the whole sphere, then Blender is still only selecting the side facing me. Is there a way to correct this so that it would select the whole sphere?

  2. Next, my numbers 1, 3 and 5 are supposed to be switching views for me, but they dont work at all. I think they did at one time, but somewhere something must have gotten overwritten. How can I reset them or get them to work again?



  1. Turn off the Limit Selection to Visible button:


  1. Num Lock must be on for these to work.

Very cool on Number One. Ty! :slight_smile:

Number Two - setting the Num Lock - did affect a change, but I still havent gotten it to work right, and it’s producing some weird results. For instance, it switches between 1 & 3, but it doesnt switch between 3 & 5. It also makes the object on 1 disappear when it switches over to 3 and 5, and it seems to delete the objects on 3 & 5 when transitioning back to 1. Also, if I go into User View, then it wont transition back to 1, 3 or 5 - though it will make the objects disappear. Not really sure why it is doing all that…

Thank you again for you help.


You have moved your point of view in Side view from that in Front view ; so Side view is looking at a different space than Front and/or Top view. Go into each view and press C to Center the view on the cursor, and then every view will be centered on the same 3D space spot.

This help even more :), but there’s still one problem. :eek:

It seems to be switching between layers. When I go from view to view numerically.