2 quick questions

Hi, I’m newish to Blender and new to the forums, and after many tutorials, and a few simple animations, I’ve got a couple basic questions which I just haven’t figured out yet.

1: I have an object made out of curves, and when I scale it, the blender material doesn’t scale with it, so I end up having to re-tweak the noise settings for whatever scene it needs to be in. Is there a setting that can make these scale together once I find a look that I like?

2: I have a few files with meshes that are posable with armatures. When I try import the meshes into a new file, the vertex groups information gets lost or screwed up in some seemingly random way. I worked around it by separating the mesh at the groups and importing them separately and relabelling, but that’s a real pain. Is there some way to import a mesh and maintain the vertex groups?

Oh, and I’m currently running 2.28.

Thanks for any help!

For your question #1, regarding texture placement.
You can scale both by this way: on the Material´s Map To tab, select Object, instead of Orco, and write next to it the name of the Object the texture is applied to. You can also work with an empty here, which can be scaled, placed independently of the object, facilitating texture placement. Or scaled and positioned together, if parented.
Hope it helps.

Alexandre Rangel

Oh, you´re on 2.8, so here´s no Map to tab. “Object” button is on the plain Material buttons (F5).