2 quick questions...

Okay these shouldn’t be too hard to answer.

  1. I’m looking for a good cityscape backround to render against. While I could model something I’d really rather just use a picture as it’ll save alot of time. So does anyone know of a good backround site(s) that I can goto for backrounds?

  2. How do you get transparency in yafray? I’ve seen it done (or at least an illusion of transparency) in several renders and was wondering how it’s done since the mirror transparency thing doesn’t work.

That’s all…

…for now;)

Some city scapes:


Yafray transparency works for me…what are you using for alpha value?

Best of Luck!!

Also check out Stock.xchng, they’ve got quite a few skyline and cityscape images, too.

Okay thanks for the help guys. One more little question. (told you I wasn’t done ;))

When rendering I’m getting some bleedthrough of one material onto another when the faces are next to eachother. How do I keep the materials to their own faces so the magneta doesn’t flow out onto the green?

Here’s a quick pic. I hope you can see what I’m talking about…



I don’t think its bleed thru, it looks more like the reflective property of the green object is causing this.

Best of Luck!!