2 rigging problems

Hi,this is my blend file that I am messing around and I am trying to rig this guy:

I have 2 problems:
1)When I change from object or pose mode to edit mode and vice versa the mesh I am working gets a bit messed up.To be more exact, it flips 180 degrees to every bone that has a target bone.I have unclicked the deform button of the target bones but not on the normal ones cause they are part of the main armature.So why is this happening?
I think my explaining is a bit poor,that is why I linked the blend file.Check the neck and the knees when you change modes.
2)I used IK constrain for the lower leg and its “control” bone.And the chain length has a value of 2 but still it moves only the lower leg when I move it.Why is that happening?Should it not move the bone below hip also?

Thanks in advance!

p.s.“enable quaternion” exists in the latest version of blender?Cause i can’t find it.

The cube object has an x rotation of 90 degrees and a z rotation of minus 0 degrees. That might lead to the flips.

In th n-panels, under the rotation panel, there is a drop down menu showing XYZ Euler selected. Click on the double triangle icon to change the Rotation Mode to Quaternion or one of the other choices.

Your lower leg has no parent, so the ik chain has nowhere to go.

Okay, I understood the parent-child one and found Quaternion,but I don’t get the first one.I saw that it says that it is rotated but why would that affect some modes and not all?
Why in edit mode everything is good and in object or pose it changes so much?My work in the edit mode should change the object mode accordingly right?

I am not an expert in what goes on in Blender under the hood. Rigging and skinning works well when mesh and rig are both location 0,0,0, rotation 0,0,0 and scale 1,1,1, before you start. If they are not, strange things happen. Strange things are happening in your rig. Might be the rotation.

I see,thanks a lot man! :smiley:
Gonna leave it as unsolved for 2 more days maxed to see if someone knows anything more and gonna close it after.

I don’t think you get to close threads, Lev. That is something the moderators do. Try applying rotation location and scale to your mesh and your rig before you parent them to see how it works. (you do have an earlier blend file, right?) :evilgrin: