2 rookie questions form a Max user


I’m trying the castle tutorial, but sorry, can’t pink all vertexes with the B key box.
I can only mark the vertexes in front of the screen with the box.
okay it’s one of my first steps,…I got only a half column of a tower.

So what I’m doing wrong ?

In MAX I can define exatly the hight, radius or something else, where I can find this for the roof of the tower ? The N key has got only a few features.

big thanks from a rookie in blender

v.2.37 winXP sp2

The interface has changed since the tutorial was written. Beside the vert, edge, face butoons in the 3d header is a button with a box. Toggling the box changes between selecting visible verts or the back verts as well. Wire frame mode will always allow you to seelect all verts.

Press the b key twice and you get a circular selector which you can size with the scroll wheel or the +/- keys on the numeric keypad.

There is no way to change the sizes / parameters of primitives in blender as in Max etc. when you create them – You just scale them to what you need after adding them. Funny I also used MAX and although I miss some tools the fill in the boxes stuff alwas anoyed me.


hi GreyBeard,

thanks, I found the little box !

Well you can change the properties, but it was HARD TO FIND OUT,…
And I was suprised, you can do it not only with objekts like in MAX, you
can define any vertex,… it is very nice !

thx magicslider