2 sculpts (monoped & a head

these are 2 sculpting tests which I did while coding a little patch to fix partial redraw and add some little improvements in sculptmode(with new multires code branch). Not sure if the patch will make it though, since it’s quite crappy now :). I hope to improve it yet, since it really enabled me to sculpt better on my old machine. I’m quite satisfied with the resolution I’m able to sculpt now,.



I really like the alien, nice work.
What resolution are you sculpting at?

They were both sculpted at around 400 000 polygons, and some little touches were done at 1,5 mil.polys, which wasn’t really fast anymore, but still somehow doable. This count isn’t high, but I’m quite lucky being able to sculpt that now.
The head was done from just a cube, while the monoped was pre-modelled a little. It’s really nice that with new multires you can change your topology. Although there are still artifacts while switching levels. You can see them on the monoped, it’s weird straight inconsistencies on the surface between the main faces.

I love that Monoped design. It’s quite a character, nice work.

Really good stuff, I particularly like the monoped which is really wonderfully weird. By the way, when I turn on partial redraw it adds some kind of vertex smoothing to the mesh, do you know if there’s some way to turn this off?

the monoped is superb but the render sucks. please sweep away that many shadow and put only one maybe soft :wink:

very wonderful job,especially the first one

Hey you mind posting that build? Cool sculpts !

The monoped is great.

Hey guys, you won’t belive me what happened. I just wanted to re-render that monoped guy, but I couldn’t believe my eyes when i opened the file.
He found himself a new friend! how sweet!
I wanted to render a turnaround animation of these two(cause you can’r really see what’s up with that finger just from front…), but I screwed my computer 3d support totally when i updated my system to new ubuntu, so no more renders or builds now already for 4 days or so. I’m sorry to not posting the build yet, will try to get to it too. Don’t never ever update your workstation with a beta of a system! :slight_smile: