2 selected vertice and ctrl f

would make an edge, sometimes, it won’t, I assume it’s not a bug, it’s my mesh somehow not quite right. this practice is on a simple plane shape of a big piece mesh.

visually I can’t tell what’s wrong with my mesh. All I know that one edge can’t be made at this point, the work around should be simple, by deleting the face, and build again, but I do like to find out why certain edge can’t be built, any ideas?

This may be the cause of my stretch uv as well.

I simply use F to make an edge beetween 2 verts, what’s the difference with Ctrl+F ?

F works everytime for me. (running windows BTW)


Ctrl-F is fill. It fills closed shape with polygons, so it’s completely normal that it doesn’t work with only two vertices selected.


Uhm? CTRL-F flips the edges of triangles, it has nothing to do with fill…


I might confuse you and myself at some point.

yes, f will make an edge.