2-sided uvmapping

(d52477001) #1


I have a question about uvmapping. when i uvmap a plane, for example, the texture is visible on one side only. How can i make it to be visible on both sides? I am making a room and this is a real problem.



(S68) #2

Does pressing ‘Duble Sided’ button in Mesh Editing helps?


(theeth) #3

no, that’s not it. Select the face in Face selection mode, press Wkey and select TwoSide. If the option is not there, go in the Vertex painting buttons and click TwoSide.


(d52477001) #4

thanks that works. Is there any way to do it for a lot of faces at once? if i just click on twoside it only does it for the active face.

(JarellSmith) #5

Well, in case you haven’t already figured it out by yourself by now :slight_smile: :

In the ‘Paint button’ window (Press the icon in the header with the little yellow paint brush picture), and with all faces selected press the ‘Copy DrawMode’ button.