2 sounds at same time in 2.35


did you try played 2 sounds at same time in engine? I work on game and when second sound start to play it interrupt first sound with little crash. :frowning:

do You know if is there any sollution, to have clean sounds at the same time?

thx jm

Here’s an acceptable answer: 2.35 GameEngine sucks. Period. No offense, of course, alien-xmp, but if you are reading this, can you please fix some of the problems people have been moaning about? please? :slight_smile:

hey man take it easy, he is working hard and can’t do and think 1 million things at once. patience is the keyword here i think. i started looking at the blender code for the SoundSystem and maybe if i work hard enough and bother people enough to help me i could get some vorbis support? dunno we’ll see can’t promise.