2 tests of the new volumetrics: Computing....all systems check, Distortion grid

Computing…all systems check
Distortion grid

These are tests of the new volumetric stuff being worked on by Broken. In the first image, the cubes were made with volumetric cellnoise. The second image is just a thin box with 2 procedurals as part of a volumetric material.

The volumetrics look very promising at this stage, but in the second image I had to do a bit of post pro to clean up artifacts. Plus the 2 facts, one being transparent objects render as solid behind them, and the other being they can’t cast shadows on non volumetric objects yet as I’ve read in the logs, limit their use for now. But they make for some cool stuff already.

Note I actually like the broken grid on the first image, it was unintended, but it looked neater than just a regular grid.

beautiful ~which svn version?

Interesting use of volumetrics. :smiley:

P.S. Your RAM needs ‘rebooting’? :confused:

awesome! now i need to get me at one of those builds :smiley: