2-texture material, 1 for color 1 for alpha?

I want the black parts of a texture to appear black on a material, and the white parts to make the mesh transparent in those areas. I have the first texture set as this texture with influence set to color, and the second texture set to an inverted version of this texture with influence set to alpha (as I understand that blender treats blacker areas as areas with more alpha.) This has no effect. The texture simply appears on the mesh with no transparency. I have tried with material alpha set to both 0 and 1. What am I doing wrong? Thx.

Something like this perhaps?

You also have to pop back over to the material context and enable transparency. Then turn Alpha down to 0.0.


26_two_textres.blend (78 KB)

I did. But I’ll take a look at your blend for differences.

I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. My settings are exactly like yours unless I’m missing something. Does it matter that my texture is an image?

edit: give me a bit to get to a better internet connection and I’ll upload my blend.

Here’s the blend. The mesh in question is the window panes (Circle.005). The plane on the opposite side in shadeless orange to test whether the alpha is working. If it was working, the plane would show up on the other side.

You’ll see that the window pane’s material has transparency enabled with alpha set to 0, it has 2 textures (both the same image), the first with the following settings:

Use alpha disabled in Image Sampling (I have tried with it set to enabled too)
Projection set to object (Plane.001)
Influence set to Color (Value 1)

the second with the following settings:

Projection set to Object (Plane.001)
Influence set to Alpha (Value 1) and Negative

If you could take a look at it, Atom, I’d owe you big time.


texalphahelp.blend (396 KB)

You didn’t pack the maps so I had to supply my own. Shadeless objects can not participate in a raytrace operation (such as transparencies). So turn off shadeless for the material. Then for the texture you are using for your alpha turn on RGB to Intensity.


Thank you much! Sorry for my negligence, doh!