2 textures, 1 object...wha?

What I have is a mesh that was originally a single object, but is now two.

I wanted to apply a texture to the spheres, but not the rest, so I decided to be clever, separate the object into two, apply texture, and rejoin. My goal was this:

What I got was this:

…So, the question is, how do I do it?

EDIT: just click on that second image, I have no idea why it isn’t showing…the link works, the code is correct.

While in edit mode select all that you dont want to have the first texture on and go into the materials buttons. Youll see a section that says mat 1 of 1. Click add new and change the color so you can see the changes and click apply. Now it should say mat 2 of 2. In order to make any changes to the first material you will have to hit the arrow buttons to go back to the material you want to edit.

This is where materials start getting tricky so ensure you’re naming the materials appropriately, because if you don’t change the material in the mat 1 of 2 area then you will continue to make changes to the active MATERIAL no matter what part of the mesh is selected.

Perhaps someone can give him a screenshot of what I’m talking about? I’m at work currently so I can’t do it myself.

ahh…worry not, I gotcha. I remember seeing something about that before. I think I can handle it. Thanks.

Here’s the wiki manual entry on multi materials, in case you like to have a look.