2 Tone Brick Procedural

I’m trying to make simple procedural tiles, classic black and white, so just 2 tones, with mortar. Obviously it’s easy enough to get it without the mortar using the checker texture, but I wanted to use the brick texture and can’t seem to get the simple 2 tone checkered look.

I’m not sure it’s possible using brick texture. You can randomise the brick texture colours, but i’m not sure you can do a regular alternating pattern.

Cycles procedural textures do need a few more tools in the box - especially around regular patterns like this.

There was supposed to be some more procedural texture stuff coming down the pipeline, but it’s all gone quiet.

something like this may be ?

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Throw a shader for black tiles and one for white tiles into the first Mix Shader’s bottom 2 slots, and then throw a Mortar shader into the bottom input of the second Mix Shader.

You can also use MixRGB in place of the Mix Shaders if you just want to use basic colors instead

I played with this and using @TheTuxedo as a base I see that I needed to add another value node for the Brick Node…something like this…and of course your object would require some tweaking…

My attempt. Only the first 4 are “needed”, the secondary brick and white noise for randomization purposes.

There is a real opportunity for rationalisation in terms of cycles procedural textures

If the brick texture could be made to alternate brick colours natively, the checker texture could be retired, since the brick texture would be able to perform the same job.

Checker is a 3D texture, whereas brick is a 2D texture. They could fix the “crossover bug” with checker (if they haven’t already). As for brick, I don’t understand why the mortar color is part of the color output, the fac with a math/mix should be enough. Now I always have to use a lot more brick generators in pairs - one with and one without mortar. And there are tons of other improvements the brick could have.

Why are you making it so much more complex for the exact same result?

Those two Checker Textures at the top are just going to produce a single solid colour, you can just choose the color in the main Checker Texture or use RGB Input node.

And you need to have the same Vector and Scale inputs for both the Checker and the Brick so that they are the same size and you can change them together easily, but you have to change the Brick Height and Width to 1 in the Brick Texture for it to work.