2 Topagraphy problems in modeling

When I try to clean up a model that has subsurf on it, I keep getting squeezed edges that I don’t want. For example, the top part of this light needs to be sharper:

When I try to using loopcuts, this unwanted edge shows up

Even if I use edge slide I will always be cramming edges. Is there a better way to make sure that I get sharp edges but keep the loopcuts even and to a minimum?

Question 2:

How do I even out the loopcuts on a model? For example I have this imbalance
Where the first half of the wheel well is fine but due to the need to refine the detail on the back I had to use a ton and now there is too many on the back. Is there something I am doing wrong with the topography or something I can do to even up the cuts on it?


You can weight the edge creases: (scroll about halfway down)

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