2 Vertices acting different - Weird thing

Can’t figure it out, I’m moving two vertices downward constrained to x axis, yet the two faces being moved in the process behave differently. Please see the picture of the end result. I’m making a house. One face is “caved” inward like it should, but the other is outward sort of. Any ideas?

Look just below be cursor.



Looking at your image. What am I supposed to be seeing. You need to make much more effort in posing your question.

So where is your blend file, your annotated screenshot clearly showing what the problem is from multiple angles if it makes it clearer etc etc etc.

And for the love of god, matter, aliens or Angelina Jolie, don’t take screenshots with the actual camera unless you absolutely have to.

Oh I understand. I didn’t have Internet when I posted this other than my phone so of course I took the pic with my phone and could only get so specific. Ill update it here soon.