2 Warnings For R1 DVD Consumers

This is kind of old, but I haven’t heard any discussion on it, so I figured I’d warn everyone.

If you are planning on buying certain DVDs, such as “Close Encounters Of The Third Kind,” “Lawrence Of Arabia,” “Final Fantasy,” “Cast Away,” and a bunch of others (check this site out, they might know), DO NOT BUY THEM FROM A NORMAL STORE! Buy them from Amazon or somewhere online. Why? There are SINGLE-DISC editions, whereas there are also two-disc editions with more features. I don’t care, either, but I think that some people like those pointless things on DVDs about how they did things, or stupid Easter Eggs like a music video of “Thriller” with the models from “Final Fantasy.” (It’s silly. Check it out if you get the chance.) This isn’t a flaw with the DVDs, but rather a way to make Columbia Pictures and 20th Century Fox more money with cheaper DVDs.

Also, as you may know, “Back To The Future” has been released in a 3-disc special edition. If you own the full screen edition, your screen ratio sucks. If you own the widescreen version or are planning on buying it, there seem to be flaws on discs 2 and 3 (parts 2 & 3) involving the ratio. Parts are cropped out. It might not seem like much, but it’s annoying as Hell. Worse, there are anecdotes on all 3. The latter 2 have a flaw (I think) where a strange box will appear. You will not be able to read the subtitles (unless you’ve got really good eyes), and parts of the movie will be off-colored. This might be a flaw with my DVD player, but with the DVDs having bug reports, you might experience it, even if you don’t own a super-cheap DVD player like mine was. Fullscreen is unaffected, but if you’ve got two black bars (they’re not a flaw–they’re supposed to be), then send them back to Universal. You should get DVDs that have been fixed in late February/early March. Again, go to this site for the full story, along with where to send the DVDs.

Hehe… and you know, I went in to Wal*Mart the other day and bought “Minority Report”. I almost got to the checkout when I noticed it said “Full Screen”, and though… “Hrm… wonder if they mean it’s mangled…” Sure enough, I went back, and half say “Full Screen”, the other say “Wide Screen”. You know… they really shouldn’t say “full screen”, they should say “Chopped off for the people who have an odd dislike for letterboxing, and would prefer not to see the whole movie”. I remember my mom hearing it from a guy getting all upset because he still gets letterboxing on an HDTV… Yes, it’s a wider aspect ratio - no, it’s not wide enough!

I, personally prefer Widescreen. Not only because I can see the whole thing all the time, but also because I don’t mind letterboxing at all, and the funky panning in some films when clipped for TV is much more annoying to me. I guess this is the wrong place to ask, since everyone here is into graphics, and probably appreciates seeing movies presented the way they were filmed, but does anyone here really prefer mangled-scre… I mean “Full Screen” movies? If so, why? You don’t mind seing only part of the movie, or seeing it all scrunched up? You don’t notice or mind the funky panning?


Well, I’m too lazy to write carefully or make sure I don’t say anything stupid or anything like that, but whatever.

I hate fullscreen. Recently I bought the widescreen versions of the original Star Wars trilogy (used, they don’t sell them new any more). It’s awesome.

Although I do know about that annoying thing where they release a single-disk DVD with no special features, and then after a while release a new two-disk set with a bunch of special features, I never heard of anything about them selling the one-disk one in stores and not the two-disk one.

I love special features! They’re great! The ones on the Star Wars DVDs are really cool (though I bet you all knew that already)… especially the blooper easter eggs (which you may not have known about already, see http://www.eeggs.com/items/30014.html and http://www.eeggs.com/items/37924.html for details).

Well… really the only DVD I was particularly dissatisfied with was Blade Runner: The Director’s Cut. First off, I didn’t read the directions, and didn’t realize there was a “Mangled Screen” side, and a “WideScreen” side, so I watched the whole damn movie saying “Why the **** would a director’s cut not be widescreen???” Secondly, it was fairly poor quality… looked almost worse than VHS… Warner Bros. did absolutely nothing to clean the image before putting it on a DVD. Finally, the menu was laughable… no features, and it looked about like they have a generic DVD menu template, and change the title name and one image before burning it on a DVD… The color scheme didn’t really seem to match the movie, the largest print was used for something like “Warner Brothers DVD”, with “Blade Runner: Directors Cut” in small print, and some generic image of Harrison Ford from the movie placed somewhere that didn’t have text. Oh well… better than not having it on a DVD at all.


As I remember Blader Runner was one of the first DVD movies I’ve ever heard of. It was cutting edge technology back then. With the advances in quality and content a DVD can provide that we have today, Blade Runner does seem pretty poor.

Widescreen or nothing! I look carefully at any DVD I buy nowadays to make sure I get widescreen. Bring on the extra features! Some DVDs have awesome features, others attempt to provide these extras but don’t really have much of interest (and I think they know it too).

bring on the features but stop trying to install crap on my computer system!

i bought the 2 disc set in a store :wink: (usually called collector’s edition) if kmart has it so does the rest of the world so skip amazon.