2 week game - NEED SOME HELP OVER HERE!!!

OK, school wants me to do a project - I chose a game - and they will GRADE IT!

Idea: Changed: Something like a 3d snake game. Days left: 5

Current blend: [URL=“http://www.mediafire.com/?voweqim92ma9ehk

Edit: This is only the test level. If you fall out of the map, it directs you to the hi-score board, which does not exist in the zip file.

Current problems:


1 - score object not displaying the score , just “Text”.

Text is the default value for a text object, you will have to make the text object read an object property or a python variable containing the score value you need.

For the real time text, make sure on the object > editing > texture face, that its set to clip alpha, and “Text”. And you have a property that’s called “Text”.

What ever is in the box, is printed to the screen. You can logic bricks or even python code to change the values to show what ever u want.