2 x 1080Ti vs 1 x 2080Ti. So much difference?

Hi all,

This is my first post and new to blender, was following Blenderguru’s tutorial. I noticed that his quality in viewport rendered mode, is far superior than mine. Sharp shadows and the highlights are very close to final render, mine is just grainy. Andrew’s gpu : 1080Ti x 2, my gpu : 1 x 2080Ti.

Any thoughts guys?

What am I missing? i.e. missing gpu, add-on, tweak settings?


the only thing i can think off is denoiser that would smooth so much… or he might have a quadro?

can you link to his video

play with the lights shadow size, the noise has nothing to do with the video card (the time to reach a clean image does). Your lighting is different than the one in the tutorial, a softer shadow is just noisier than a sharp one. Same goes for the highlights, they are less defined because of the size of the light.


Andrew also often uses his add-on Pro-Lighting: Skies.
(edit because I was mistaken, I’ve mentioned that he could be using CGi created HDRis, that do exist, but it’s not the case of Pro-Lighting: Skies) …Anyway his HDRi’s seem to be more optimized than the ones we can usually obtain for free on the web. It may be that.

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Are you using the same renderer? I see that you seem to be using Cycles. I can’t tell what Andrew is using from the screenshot. Could he be using Eevee?

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Ya, looks like Cycles vs Eevee. Nothing to do with GPUs.

And perhaps it’s just the light size itself. Shadow sharpness is related to the size of your light source. It could be a bright summer day HDR vs. a cloudy morning HDR, or a point light vs. area light…
To the OP: Try to figure out the light source he’s using and then make tweaks accordingly. In the end it doesn’t really matter if you end up exactly copying the tutorial, but rather end up learning something.

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