2.x Rigging refresh discussion

(Hadriscus) #21

Thanks for the pixels. :] It looks like a chained matrix multiplication, something like what you would get with as many different (weighted) childOf constraints ? I imagine if you placed a bone, say on the belly of a character and copy the weights from the nearest vertex onto the constraint targets, you’d get the exact same end position. Nice.

(Thomas) #22

Huh, you’re right. I set two armatures side by side, one with childOf’s and one with armature, and both were the same. Rotation seems to be handled differently, but I’m getting out of my depth here so I’m off back inland :upside_down_face:

(Hadriscus) #23

Rotation decomposition has always been weird when blending multiple childOf constraints, not sure what is up with that. It’s also a tad beyond me. :frowning:

(lucky) #24

Great great news!
Rigging props, clothes and additional tweak bones will be way much easier thanks to this new constraint.

(captainkirk) #25

Is there any info on Facemap custom manipulators? Like what we see in this video:

I haven’t seen anything newer than 2017 on it. I hope it’s not dead as it looks like a clean and intuitive way to control characters.

(Hadriscus) #26

If I remember correctly those were hacked in, and it was talked of porting them so they’d use the new ‘tool’ backend, but it hasn’t been done yet as far as I know. Right now in 2.8 builds facemaps are there, we can create them but not link them to a controller, I’m afraid - at least I haven’t found how.