2 yafray wallpapers

Hey guys. These are the only 2 things I’ve done in the past month




Totally excellent. What kind of light did you use?

I really like both of them, but the second one is much much better. The geometry is very cool on those sphereoid thingers. Awesome stuff. I think it would be better though if maybe the cage were reflective? Just an idea.

the tetrahedon is really crazy looking! :o

ok, that might sound stupid (maybe)…but did you model thos sphere? I mean all the hole in them…looks like you used metaball…with a wire material but the wire are solid and large…how you do that? :-?

Secret l33t methods!

it’s a pathlight with an added arealight and a photonlight. Took around an hour to render. not too shabby.

no metaballs were used, but then again I didn’t model the cage in blender. That sort of thing can only be done with either

a) some sort of geodesic dome script that has been horrifically twisted into an evil version of itself

b)wings 3d

  • create a dodec
  • find tetrahedrally oriented faces
  • mirror those faces
  • smooth object twice
  • select all faces
  • bevel those
  • keep selection and intrude
  • done

yarr, me matey.
Glad you guys liked it.

Awesome another wallpapers. Why not make a wallpaper section on elysiun? :stuck_out_tongue:

sooo… it’s not modelled nor rendered in blender… you are drifting further and further away from the shore my man… :slight_smile:

well, nice spheres anyway, texture would be neat.


I realy like the second one! The first one is kindda boring.

I LOVE THE SECOND ONE, it is my new wallpaper, but like someone sed its not modelled or rendered in blender. So why post it on elysiun. Also i think a wallpaper section would make elysiun amazing.

wow … I love the second rendering … .the one with the balls … something about the cage seems weird to me … I know it’s meant to be solid … but maybe some kind of further tiny detail to it?

What does this have to do with Blender? Wrong site? :slight_smile: