20$ / hour - help & improve project

*** I am not sure if I am allowed to post this request like this, if not please moderate. ***

I will be recording a little video soon and VFX shall be done with blender.

there will be

I need someone that is really good in all this, as the scene (maximum 1 minute) shall look realistic. footage will be taken with a professional camera.

please post links to your portfolios here. if your rate is slightly higher please apply too and make a note.

my work if you like contact me

Hai I am Ready to track a camera and create cycles material and shader for that project.


I have experience with camera tracking and compositing, but sadly only one my work I can present to you is my 2 years old video I make for final exam in school. Now I have better skills in compositing, rendering etc. but I didnt make any work of this kind recently to show off.
Video is here:

and my portfolio: http://lubomircenovsky.net/

Pm sent. Have a great day.

Here is my youtube channel so you can see some of the work of done.



Here is a link to my online portfolio: http://cargocollective.com/alanplanes

I have plenty of experience with smoke simulations, compositing and camera tracking.

Will also send a PM

Best regards!

Hi, Please check my motion track and compositing video here. This is my latest motion tracking project. Thanks for watching :slight_smile: email me if you interested: [email protected]


hi, please have a look at my cg portfolio.

Sound interesting job! Indeed, I always look a job vacancy in an Australian Job Online Advertising because my sister asks me to help her to look at new job. I think her problem is done because of your job offer here. I will tell him about your posted here and I’m sure she will be happy for my good news.

Here are some links to my portfolio:

all of the CG models and VFX in these videos are done by Bshep/me:

Pretty much all of the things I created in blender: