20 million faces, cant get it rendering

also check


Holy crap! Have you tried the decimator? :smiley:

You get five zorros for that mesh: :Z :Z :Z :Z :Z

Nice render you have in the other fourm. I’m no expert, but maybe Wings 3D can give you a smaller mesh if you start your cube object then bridge multiple faces?

I was about to ask “why, oh why?” followed by “how, oh how?” but the I found this snippet of mathematica code:

Menger[n_,{i_,j_,k_}]:=Module[{s={}},Do[If[Not[u==v==2 || v==w==2 || u==w==2],

I still don’t understand how you could get such an incredibly high polycount… but then again, each level means a load of exponentiality, I guess…

each time you want it bigger, the poly count goes *20!

Silly Dutch people! :smiley:
nice to see you rendering again! finally finished cleaning all that drool off the keyboard? :wink:



ya mean this little drooler?

:o My GOD! (at the thing you’re trying to render, not the baby)

yep! that’s the one!
how come we havn’t seen that picture yet? coughsiteupdatecough


well, the model’s pretty cool, but its no wonder it wont render if its 20 fucking million polys!!! thats just insane! and a 450mb blend file!!! the most i ever got was around 35… :expressionless:

oh, by the way, lovely baby, is it yours? :wink:

you tried to render it in parts?

you know Xparts and Y parts in the render-panel?

It could help but jesus! 450mb!!!



Blender limits lies somewhere around 1M vertices

I hit that so many times …


try yafray or another renderer. You’ll get better results too.

tried yafray, but nope, it cant be rendered by yafray
unless i put a extra gig of ram in it

current sys specs,
P4 2723 Mhz
1 gig DDR ram
mt motherboard
(latest yaf + yable)

and yes that little drooler is mine!
cute eh?

its a level 5 cube

get it while i’s hot!


Blender opend it just ok, din’t even increas my memory abuse with mutch.

insta blender chrash when pressing F12.
and trying to free camera move around it also seems to disturb blender.
and my cpu abuse jumps too 100% :stuck_out_tongue:

if i give realtime cpu power to blender. (prolly equal to nice -19)
it takes 4 seconds to switch views in the main window :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

P4 2GHz
512 ddr
geforce2 mx 64mb

i’ll now try and export it to yafray. if it works i’ll edit the post :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

yafray export done.
“Exported 16358400 Triangles”

i realy find this a inspiring project.

nobody around with a small to medium beowulf cluster around :slight_smile:

after a few failed atempts at rendering it i noticed that you need a massive amount of memory.
so i gave myself a virtual swap file of 2GB. :o
in the loading phase of yafray i came to file 214 of 419
and then it chrashed becouse there was no memory left. :o :o :o
so basicly i need more memory, will be formatiing a new disk tomorrow and try with something around 5GB swap file, and see how that go’s.

and i realy hope the rendering does not eat up memory. (or atleast not massive amounts) becouse i would realy be running out of disk space by then :slight_smile: