[$20/mo Payment Plan] Open source art and Youtube channel content wanted

I’m starting a new job next year and will have another $20 a month so I’m looking to support another artist for my Open source art fund as I mentioned here.

Open source art means work that the source is released publicly under the CC0, CC By, CC By-Sa, or any AGPL compatible licence.

The “source” for a work means the preferred form of the work for making modifications to it.

I’m pretty open to anything as long as it’s AGPL compatible.

My idea is that you do a screen capture while you work narrate what your doing or do a record a Picarto.tv like live stream thou it isn’t a requirement that the video be of the.

You’ll do and hour of work on a open source project and make ether 1 hour or video of 4 short video. the video’s could be How-tos or something like a Vblog about open source artwork.

The videos will be released at the rate a 1 a month for hour long or 1 a week for the short vids.

You must release the source to the thing your working on, at at least the stage in was at the end of the video(your allowed to continue to work on it is your embarrassed of the state it’s in and save that footage for a future video) when we publish the video.

Assuming you do hour a work a month and then do 10 minute or setup/post that’s $17 a hour which is at the high end of the hourly rates I’ve gotten. I prefer to pay $20 a month.

All currency given in USD and will be paid via PayPal.

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So I’m not missing something, you’re essentially looking to fund anyone willing to put out an hour long Blender tutorial each month on whatever they choose, as long as the content itself is released AGPL compatible? Sounds interesting.


Yep. You got it.

I might not be alone here—I’m not entirely familiar with AGPL and my research has gone a little over my head. Every asset has to be free and AGPL specified? No downloaded images, textures, sounds, or add-ons?

If it’s not just something you’d be better off completely understanding beforehand, can you briefly explain what considerations an AGPL tutorial would need to take?


[quote=“metrolina, post:4, topic:1194985, full:true”]
Every asset has to be free and AGPL specified? No downloaded images, textures, sounds, or add-ons?[/quote]
From the AGPL3:
“However, it does not include the work’s System Libraries, or general-purpose tools or generally available free programs which are used unmodified in performing those activities but which are not part of the work.”

You can use CC-0, CC-by and GPL which you are allowed to use on CC-by-sa 4.0.

So if it is a generally available free asset which is used unmodified it should be ok.

We tend to think of JPEGs(for example) as image data but legally it’s a program(just like a python script) that tells the computer how to make the image.

Just to clarify the video that you would have to make for me doesn’t have to be AGPL only the thing you create in it. e.g. if you do a tut on how to make a snow covered mountain in Blender you would need to share the .blend of the scene under the AGPL.

Now to answer your question, It’s basically the same as the GPL.

considerations for production is is are you able to relicence everthing you include that is not System Libraries, or general-purpose tools or generally available free assets which are used unmodified in the creation but which are not themselves part of the tut, under the GPL3 or AGPL3.

The considerations for distribution are if you share the Tut you also have to share the ‘Source code’ I’m not familiar with video editing so I don’t know what exactly that entails But I’m guess it’s the EDL and what ever the Video people call the ‘negatives’ and the files to create any FX on those negatives.

Thanks for the clarification—does that apply to a screencap video that one would simply export with audio? I can’t imagine a scenario where a tutorial would have FX necessarily , unless I suppose you consider a title bumper special FX. I’d be interested to send over a short, free test tutorial. If you like it, we can talk from there—is that something you’d be interested in?


just to let everyone know I’ll being moving sometime in spring/summer so I’ll be re evaluating my financial situation then so see if I can keep up paying for this position.


Yes. The screencap videos don’t need to be AGPL ether just the thing you create in it.

Sure I’m interested.

Well I a most over extended myself. I would of only had ~$50 in my savings If thinks went as I planed them but the good new it by switching phone planes I’m saving another $30 a month I already have artwork planned for the next $170 but after that I’ll be looking for someone to take over making the anthro morphs, my current artist is quitting the business. :frowning: I haven’t had much luck finding a second artist, I only got 2 responses, one was from an animator who makes $60/hour working on blockbuster film, he came to his senses and decided that $20 a month wasn’t for him.

So sometime around May 2020 I’ll be looking for someone willing to screen capture their work and take 30USD a month to work on making new morphs. The base mesh isn’t finished yet. BTW: I’ve decided to have each species it’s own mesh instead of one universal base mesh for all species. I’ve found an open source registration software so should still be able to easily morph between them.