20 second Fugue



nice start ( i like that keltic rythm )
seems to work (says vioces match)
but where is the ‘kontrapunkt’
thought i only heard standards like ‘inversion’ and ‘krebs’
maybe you need a 2nd theme
and please don’t use that mushy strings

thanks for the reply

what is ‘kontrapunkt’ ? I don’t really know much about composing stuff. As for the voices of the srings I can’t really do much about that…

He means counterpoint.

Frank Zappa has always described music of this type to be akin to painting by numbers and I agree. Do you write stuff that’s in a more contemporary vein?

Still since you admit to knowing nothing about composing it’ not bad. Not a fugue yet but the sketch of an idea for a future fugue. The rhythm sounds more baroque than celtic to me.