200 dollar tutorial request

need someone very skilled with blender with hard surface modeling. i pay you 200 usd and then you can record the video of you making it and post on wherever you want. if your interested let me know and pm me

it will not be time consuming its not a lot but i think theres a skilled technique needed

something particular that you like to learn from it ?
Cause any time your not sculpting your doing hard surface (acka non organic) modeling.

What would you want modeled?

What specific technique do you want

ok guys i just got like 10 pm’s and all the replies in here. obviously i can only pay one person so ill private message people until someone accepts the thing i send them. if i dont message you its not personal its just so many people messaged me. thanks. i pm’d the first 2 people to respond to me other then the guy who knew 3ds max instead of blender

basically if he cant do it ill pm the next person