$200 - Mountain/Dungeon Fantasy Environment

Hi all!

I develop a web app for making custom gaming miniatures, and I need a prettier environment than what I’ve currently got:

I’d like to replace the gradient background and blue platform with some fantasy scene. Could be a mountain top, like:

or a throne room, like:

Or a dungeon, or something else you think would look good for a character creator environment.

Looking for something with a low poly count, for quick load.

If you have something already made that you think would fit, and would sell me rights to use it, I’d love to see that too.


Hello i have experience with low poly models and cartoonish textures, here is my sketchfab profile, if you like mi style pm me.

Hi this is a link to my artstation page as a modeler

and also my mail address if you want to contact me
[email protected]

I guess you can pm me too here.

Hey I could probably do something for you. I would need more details regarding what you want. http://ianblender.weebly.com/ Here is my portfolio.