2001 - Bowman Sculpt

This is a sculpt from a low poly model I’ve been working on, of Dave Bowman from 2001: A Space Odyssey.


the thumbs look backwords

He needs to have his hand reset :wink:

The reason his hand looks backwards is because of the lack of knuckle definition. :stuck_out_tongue: Also, as quoted by jeeps on the irc channels… :smiley: “IT’S LUMPY! Get as much detail out of each multires level as you can!”… Embarrassingly… >.> he said this to me too… XD

I think the original helmets are flatter on top.

This is a great way to ring in 2010.

No i think it looks backwards because the thumbs are on the wrong side of the hand. And also the helmet looks way to big. But it has got a lot of potential i just think you need to sharpen up the details.

Ah, but that depends. For instance, if his hand is palm up, his thumb is in the right place, yet when the fingers are bent back the knuckles are supposed to increase in definition.On the other hand (no pun intended XD), if the palm faces down, you are right, the thumb is on the wrong side. :smiley: it . his helmet looks a tad too tall and the wrinkling looks…strange, elaborating on my previous comment, rising in multres levels too high causes that lack of definition and sort of “lumpy” look. Thus every level must have the maximum amount of details possible. :smiley: Your low poly looks awesome, you are an excellent texture artist. :smiley:

The way his fingers are bent indicate that the hand is backwards. Study some more anatomy and work on the hands.