well its not complete but i pretty much learned what i aimed for in the first place there a few things missing on the body i forgot to make two other cut outs but to tell the truth im getting a bit bored of it.thanks for all the replies it the WIP tread
C&C welcome

Way better than mine :slight_smile:

Excellent work.

I think the reflection map for the red material should be more prominant and show more. The red material on the car kind of detracts from the rest of the image, IMO.

Pretty nice work, though (especially on the modelling). Keep it up! :slight_smile:

  • Clean3d

Wizard thanks but u made that 2 years ago im sure u can make something better that this now

Ian30 thaks a lot

Clean3D yes your right hope fully the new render loos better hope its not too dark

Yup, that was my 2nd model in 3D, first one was a glass and the last one I did was the character Joan of Arc. I should try another car :slight_smile:

Can you please post a rear view from a similar angle and a wireframe (front/back 3/4 views). I’d love to see how you’ve pulled off the modelling aroundt the headlights and tail-lights which I found to be hard.