2003 Nissan 350Z

this is the firs time I’m trying to model a car like this in my previous two i made everything and then make cut out.i tried this just to see if i could do it ,It seems i have more control this way,anyway its not that messed up yet i think.This might be a slowish project
some feedback would be nice



@Arabian knight thanks, about the space between the hood and the fender i plan to adjust those after i finish meshing out the shape

ok here’s another update its starting to look a bit messy oh well its still early


just a preview render i haven’t done much work as im trying to get some good reference from top and back view and maybe some close ups not much luck anyone have any good car site that shows car from different angles i have one but i only saw the convertible version it could be used but i prefer to get this one

anyway hers a quick render

Some marketing genius convinced Nissan that Americans would never buy a car called the Fairlady, so they were sold in the USA as “Datsun 280Z” aka Z-Cars.

The render looks good!

@orino i had no luch with that but i foud all the reffs i need now

Well, sure. You’re doing the 350 Z, the ref I found is a 280 Z. Bound to be a lot of changes. Can you post a link to your best reference site? Other car buffs would appreciate it. (PS: I like the yellow color better than the red. Shiny, pretty thing!)

yeh the yellow looks better even though the lighting is kind of messed up well no work on this today anway netcarshow.com if the reference site i use

Good mesh dude…keep going
and I prefer the Red one…

well I’ve been fooling around wit rims i came up with this i don’t think i’m going to use i but i like it except for the middle area

good mesh you have there!
I really like the rim, looks great. Maybe make them black coated, will kick a$$ :smiley:
I would prefer continueing with the mesh, instead of the materials. Otherwise you will get bored to soon of this project (IMO, happened to me)
concentrate on the materials, when you’re finished with the mesh.

for references:
blueprints => http://www.the-blueprints.com/index.php?blueprints/cars/nissan/
images => http://www.nissan.de/home/vehicles/passenger/Z33/gallery/index.html

keep on blendin!! :slight_smile:

Nice work for your first car, keep it up, coming along great the at the moment.

Loving the rims.
The nob bits on the rims could do with a little more in-depth work as they look little odd.

but overall nice work

@chop_suey thanks for those links the comment and that yep your righ i show leave the materials alone for now.

@star thanks but this is not my first car its the third its just the first one in which i modeled everything separately i will have some updates later

well i finished the back par of the car the bad news is i think im going to have to do the bumper part over so i can add loops easier
here is how it looks now

ok im back after a good break not much update i just started back to work on this did some editing of the mesh to better add loops a few windows and glass for the lights which seem to be the hardest par so far too much vertex pushing to get a smoothe shape anyway a quick render
if u know the car i would like u to tell me if it loos anything like it ill fix the win screen