2005 aston martin db9

Hello everyone, this is my second attempt of modeling a car in blender… I know I probably shouldn’t choose this car because it really is quite hard to make, especially for a newbie in CG as I am… well this is what I’ve made in last two weeks but it still needs a lot of improvement. Im trying to get at least the basic shape… You are welcome to comment and give me some advice… I am also planning to model the interior.
Have a nice day and sorry for my bad english… :slight_smile:

tyres in progress… I know that they should be bridgestone potenza but I’m not so focused on the right parts… I just want to practice a lot and leave the details for later when I will be better at it :slight_smile: Rim material is not final…

rim reference pic:

Keep up the good work

update :slight_smile: thanks IconW for tyre material nodes… I think that is enough of details for my computer… next week I get a new and better one, cant wait :slight_smile:

quick render, 500 samples, brakes material still not so good… I have a lot to learn… I must also change the glass on the front lights

added a few details… :slight_smile:

keep up the good work

can you show us the wireframe ?

please dont cry XD Its not the usually-seen-on-this-forum type of wireframe… I have messed it up quite a lot on the doors, because I had some problems with curves… here is a reference image. That curve that goes from over the rear wheels somehow disappears at the middle of the door and then appears again over the front wheels… http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/d7/Aston_Martin_DB9_-Birmingham-_2005-10-14.jpg On the roof I wasnt paying too much attention because I think that it doesnt really help the final look of the car, only the wireframe would look better. Sorry for my bad English…

Nice tyre and rim, what settings did you use for tyre material? I think you have wrong direction of the text on your tyre, it should go opposite way and upside down

just a few more quick renders, there is still quite a lot to do on the exterior… this car looks so good even from my not very good model… Tail lights are not fiished yet… Could anybody help me with a better windshield glass node setup?

update, finished modeling the exterior but I will have to fix some things later on… here are some quick renders (100 samples only) It is not as good as I wanted it to be but it is not too bad either :slight_smile: still have so much to learn… Cant wait to start working on the interior because I have never done it before… :slight_smile:

the car looks kinda plastic, change its material
add some details to the back lights
and you may wanna change the front light material

otherwise its a good render
keep up

This is my own Aston Martin DB9, it seems the back end is the hardest part really :spin: . Still working on it though :smiley:

Nice WIP, love the low key high gloss studio feel, but as KingofSpeed mentioned it looks kinda plastic, IMO would be great to add some sort of tiny imperfections via textures and normal map, as in real life even brand new cars have micro scratches in them.

I still have a lot to learn to reach your level of detail…thumbs up

Try adding some fresnel to the material.