2005 Mustang GT Front

I’m trying to get some experience and I thought modeling this car would do just that. I’m trying to make it some what realistic. I know there isn’t much to look at here but I want to finish the shape of the top front first. How realistic is the shape now?

On the edge it is too sharp of a falloff, it is supposed to be more gradual…
Are you using reference images?

Yes I am. In fact I forgot that part of the hood shouldn’t be there so it looks like it can be opened.

Hey 3dN00b, we can’t really see much from this render. The shadows are really dark and sharp too. AO is really good for wip renders, as well as three point lighting. Also, show us some wires as you go.

I started again but this time work with less poly’s untill I get the basic shape done.

Wires looks okay. Keep it up!