2007 Blender Conference in New-York

Hey everyone!

A new year, a new blender conference!

Alot of things new and different for this year conference! First of all, the conference won’t be in montréal this year. It will be in New-York.

To make a long story short, we had some problem last year with the Bois-de-Boulogne school because they wouldn’t let us use the place for free (which can be understood) and we needed to deal with them up until the last minute. This year, I didn’t want to put as much stress on myself, so I moved the conference to a more “secure” location.

This year conference will be held in New-York at the Polytechnic University in Brooklyn.

So if you are interested In the conference, be sure to visit our new website:


We will be adding more content on the website so be sure to stay tuned!

If you have any question about the conference, be sure to email Jean-Sébastien “Ecks” Guillemette at xwarrior [at] hotmail.com

and if you’d like to make a presentation/demo on a specific subject at the conference you can email Jonathan “Mr_Bomb” Williamson at
shadowdragon1 [at] gmail.com

Hope to see alot of you there!
The whole 2007 Blender Conference staff!

Hmm, wish I could come…

I actually might be able to go, my first one. Sounds like fun.

I’m going to save BgDM some time and just say that he’s not going to make it this year :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m coming


(Ecks, get ready to change your signature again)

He already knows I’m not coming to this one. So save your fingers. :eyebrowlift2:

Anyway, made this a sticky for you.


I can’t come, I already have tickets booked for the one in Aarch Duerch land.

Hooray! I’ll be in both conferences!

cool, i gota set up some kinda of a roster sheet that will include everyone that will attend…

Do you guys have an itenerary so that i may plan to attend the next U.S. convention? Or for that matter, can direct me to where to look?

all the plans for this convention schedule and attendee’s will be listed on the website listed in the first post, if thats what you meant by that

I’ll be there too

I might make it too. The schedule looks good. Looks like there are going to be good peps. Looks like fun

whoa, i never expected that a blender conference would ever be held so close to me. its like less than a 10 minute walk from my house. i guess i don’t have an excuse not to attend.

I have added a a new tab to the navigation that will let anyone who is interested register to attend the conference, please see the website for more details


changed the way that the registration proses works as operantly some users are having issues with using the MULTI select box… for some reason
anyways now its a check box.

I have said in the past that I wasn’t coming, but now I indeed am. I’m flying in from Milwaukee / Chicago and staying in a hostel (Spot Hostels on W 30th street) for the whole weekend. It should be great.

cool :slight_smile: just make sure you register to attend

Fweeb and I will also be there : ) Thanks for pointing it out!