"2007" Music Video

I’ve previously posted here about the making of this music video and some of you might have noticed that I foolishly submitted it to the Suzannes. It has since been screened at London Independent Film Festival, and is (finally) online here:


I’m well aware that this is at a very basic/amateur level, and everything I attempt is a learning experience. There are plenty of flaws. Even so, I couldn’t have made this video without the advice from some of you! so wanted to say thanks. Also, this project is finished now, but I would still very much value any feedback and advice, positive or negative, as this will help me with future short films and videos.

I like the style, especially the abstract waveform based stuff.
For a learning experience, this is very good indeed.
Nice one!

Thanks freen - appreciated. Now how to develop my skills further: if only someone would make a training series on the animation fundamentals in Blender, that would be nice… :wink: