2007 Nissan 350z

Hey everyone, I just did this in about 12 hours (3 days) all total and it’s my first car ever body ever made and I was wondering if anybody could tell me how I could model the mirrors and door handles?


Does anybody know how I could model these?

If you modeled this car you should be able to make the handles and mirrors. But a great place for topo reference and al can b found here: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=113427&highlight=opel

Hey thanks for replying, but for some reason the mirrors and handles are different then other 2007 nissan 350zs on google images. Can anyone help?

You’ve already done the hardest part (unless you’re planning to do an accurate interior). I’m surprised you’re stuck on door mirrors.

Nice stuff, keep it up.

Well, there’s nothing to it really, you do them just like any other parts, you need a reference image and then model acording to it :confused:
Josearaujo might be able to help you better because he is also doing a 350Z, check is thread:

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thanks rogper

I have an '03 Z; if you need reference pics, feel free to ask. I know the '07 got a new engine and the body style changed slightly, but it’s still relatively close.

thanks allot Alterscape… it will be very usfull… I add you to my contacts to be more easy contact you…:stuck_out_tongue: