2009 Blender F1 Challenge!! Voting has ended!

Hello all,
Yes, it has been an overly long delay in getting the 2009 Blender F1 Challenge off the ground but alas, it starts this Sunday, April 19. I will accept entries after that date until June 20, 2009.
Here is a link to the Challenge site:
2009 Blender F1 Challenge

It has been tough in these economic times and unfortunately I have very limited resources this year. This means that I will not be offering Prizes myself HOWEVER if anyone in the Blender community wants to contribute a prize to the oldest Blender contest in existence please feel free to contact me directly – [email protected].
As always, the Blender community is near and dear to me even though I don’t post much on these great forums.
Get those Blender machines started and I hope you enjoy this years Blender F1 Challenge.

EDIT-- Voting has ended and the results are being counted! Stay tuned…

Ciao for now!


Thanks for this, CurtisS. Even without prizes I will surely enter the contest :D.

Yes! About time too.

Good to hear you are still organizing this great challenge.

I hope I can manage this year to participate …

Last year’s Challenge had 77 entries! I hope we can break that number this year. :slight_smile:


count me in… stumbled across this just after close last year… been waiting for the '09 one… so we have until june 20th to get an entry in… sounds like a challenge…

good luck guys!

I’ve been waiting for this as well, thanks for hosting the challenge. now I get to find out if the practice/learning I’ve put in over the last 6 months is enough for a decent finished project…

Edit: So I was re-looking at some of the past entries and noticed that a some of the older ones, including some of the top ranking ones, have canopies over the cockpits, is this still allowed or were they abolished sense then?

i have a question

can more than 1 person work on a single entry, like a group entry

Atemporalskill, the open cockpit rule started with the 2005 Challenge so you will see closed cockpits before that time. Open cockpits are still the only design rule otherwise anything goes!

stvndysn, you can work in teams in you wish. But you will have to share the credit. :wink:



I’ve been working on the same car for 3 yrs in a row, but now I am so sick of it that I think I shall start a new one. Perhaps it will be ready by 2012 or so.

I think I’ll plan on entering this as well!

I haven’t really posted any sort of finished projects, but hopefully the past ~6 months of learning Blender may let me finish something worth posting!

The Blender F1 Challenge is a great way to stay focused on a project and see it through to completion. I hope you can send in an entry this year!


im using it for that reason… i dont expect to win… but i expect to get a reasonable finished product out of the challenge. ive only been blending for little over 6 months…

I’ve found they make great portfolio peices and they are good general modelling practice.

Oh, and you can learn a lot about lighting and compostion and…

Hell, they are just plain old great!

I was searching the site but couldn’t find anything…

Are the racers democratically voted on?

If I remember right, yes, the public vote on the entries. What I think happened last year (anyone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong) is we all voted for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Then all the totals were added up, 1st place get 3 points, 2nd place gets 2 points, and 3rd place gets 1 point. Then they’re all added up, and the one with the most points at the end wins.

That was what happened last year, I think. I’m not sure if Curtis has a new voting system in place or not.

Thanks tb1alexc. :slight_smile:

Yes you voted for 1st,2nd and 3rd but I think the points are given according to the rules of F1 so the first gets 10, 2nd 8 and 3rd 6. I wonder if this year we actually get to vote for 1st through 8th as that is the ranking F1 uses. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Formula_One#Points_system

Hi all,
I guess I should jump in here. The voting in the past has been open to BlenderArtists members only. You vote for your three favorites and they are tallied up when the voting closes. There is not a points system. The primary reason for this method is reduce “ballot stuffing” by entrants - yes, I look at every vote submission. That’s as far as I will go into the voting system… :slight_smile:


Hi everyone!
We are about halfway to the deadline for final entries (June 20). There are several great F1 WIPs in the Works In Progress forum. There are two official entries into the Challenge so far but the vast majority of the submissions will come in during the last week. I hope to see as many entries as last year!
Ciao for now!