2009 Dodge Viper

Hello, a couple days ago I began modeling a 2009 Dodge Viper. This is my first car modeling project, so any help along the way would be great:yes:! I’ve just finished the wheels and built a simple steering rig. The wheel shown in the attachments is one of the front wheels, the back wheels are a little different(brake location, rim size, tire size/width) but pretty similar. There are no textures, and the poly count in the viewport is around 13,000 per wheel. The rendered count(with subsurf) is about 70,000. I know this is a complex car to start with, but I do have some modeling experience and I figured I’d feel better about it at the end if it was a cool car:evilgrin:!

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very promising start… i will be keeping my head in here… cant wait to see the viper…:slight_smile:

Okay, I have the hood modeled, like I said, this is my first car, so please voice your opinions! As far as workflow is concerned, where should I go next? Also, when you look at a car, the body is cut up into a bunch of sections… what is the best way to model these? Should I just have vert loops run along them so I can move them inwards or should I actually model the separate pieces?




nice for first car modell…
make the hood seperatly from the bumpers that will make it easy

best way is to model them separately… this will give you more control over the poly flow of specific bits… but… where the sections join, its best to have verts next to each other, so that you see bumps in the same places if any… so it could be better to model it all in one go, and then split it up later… i do the latter… but its all down to personal preference i think…

by the way, to crease edges, are you using Edge Loops with Subsurf, or Subsurf creasing?

oh, and could i get a better wire of the vents in the hood…:slight_smile: thanks… just curious how youve done them…

Unrealbeing, thanks for the tips, I think I’ll try duplicating vert loops around different sections, then continue modeling the new peice for more freedom… hopefully that will go well. the only issue I see is that adding vert loops to separate pieces will change the way they are subsurfed, which might make them not join correctly. If that happens(hopefully not), then I’ll just have to model it in one piece, but I imagine that’s more difficult.

I’m just using edge loops to control the subsurf and make creases…

Hopefully the attached wires suit your needs, I didn’t know if you wanted to see the modeled geometry, or the subsurfaced geometry:confused:… so I included both:yes:!


thats looking very clean… when i tried doing stuf like that, i ended up with creases all over the shop… well done!

also, did you know about the W> Smooth command…? im not sure if i see a few little bumps, and this could fix them… if you select a set of verts with bumps in, you can use this to smooth them… ive used it an aweful lot on my concept project…

good luck with the bumper… cant wait to see more…

Thanks, I tried to keep the vents as much in-line with surrounding geometry as I could… I had to make a few tris, but they were on the sides of the vents(you can see them in the wires above) and they weren’t a problem.

I did know about the smooth tool, it’s in the mesh tools panel as well. I’ve rarely used it, so it never occurred to me to use it here, but that would be a good idea, thanks!

I’m gonna be gone the next two days, so no Blender:mad:. Plus, I’ll be at a cabin in the mountains… so no service on my iPhone, therefore no BA forum:mad::mad::mad:! I’ll continue work after that… but I’m sure this thread will be buried by all the other WIP threads…

Alright, I’m back with an update… I didn’t have much time at all to work today, but here’s what I’ve got. Also, I do have the mesh divided up to create the seams. Let me know what you think!

Thanks for the comments/critiques so far,



Alright, I’ve done some more work today. Yesterday’s post was a bit rushed, so I went back and did some more work on the front bumper area, as well as began modeling the side of the car. The door was tricky, the subsurf wanted to pull up some corners right where 3 different pieces joined, and I had to remodel a couple times to fix it. Anyway, let me know what you think!


its looking good…although you seem to have changed a bit of mesh for the worse just up between the holes in the bumper…youve made it look rather jagged where the pillar meets the other part of the bumper

other than that… its looks good…:slight_smile:
oh, and another thing… with that lighting setup, and the spec on the car material… its hard to see certain details… could you perhaps do a ‘clay’ render?

Alright, I smoothed things out up front, added some ‘mesh’ over all the air intakes/vents, and added some more to the rear of the car. Right now the rear is awfully bumpy, weird, and in general not smooth. What is the best way to fix this? Just move verts around to get everything smooth? The smooth tool just seems to deform the mesh and not help any.

I also rendered with clay materials as requested.



Looking very good so far.

if the smooth tool isnt working, rework the mesh one vert at a time… try cancelling subsurf for a while and try and sort it out without set smooth… this wa you can see the different bumps where they are…

past that, im not sure how else to fix it

quite possibly you have verts that arn’t fully joining all the edges that look like they should… - If you select ONE vert, you should see ALL the edges radiating out from it highlighted. if you don’t, you have missed a connection


in Edit mode. under mesh, turn on AutoMerge Editing. this is a fantastic feature, just remember you have it turned on. it doesn’t appear to work in conjunction with Proportional Editing turned on. its one or the other. then grab the offending vert, move it, then press control and then you’ve just turned on snapping (snap to closest, verts) - another fantastic feature - and move the vert to the around to snap it to the correct spot

this is looking great. ill be around!
this might help: http://vimeo.com/5643891

I tried smoothing out the back a little, and I think it looks better, I’d like to get that straightened out before I continue, let me know what you think! Thanks!

@Unrealbeing: Thanks for that tip, turning off subsurf and using solid shading helps determine where bumps are a lot!

@dvandamme: I don’t have any overlapping verts, where exactly did you see something that looked like that? Just curious.

@ionee: Thanks, I see you have some car modeling experience under your belt based on your vimeo collection:D! Your tutorial looks good, I’m sure I’ll be looking at that as I progress!


Looking great so far. Question. What do you use for your clay material?

Ajjawz, thanks, for the clay material I set RGB somewhere between .5 and .6, then set the “spec” to 0.

BTW, updates are getting harder and harder, school just started, and I’m trying to finish up a project in Flash so I can focus on this better. I’m leaving for the next couple days, but shortly after that I should be able to work steadily on this!

looks great so far!