2010 Camaro

So this is sort of my first “big” project I’ve done with blender so far.
It’s not entirely accurate, but I was pretty happy with it.

I would love some comments, and critique.
I’ll try and post more pics later.
Some of the materials are from blenderguru.com



Looks pretty good for a first if it really is.

  1. Tire material isn’t shiny enough.
  2. Wheel is too shiny. The standard Camaro wheel isn’t chrome. It’s more matte.
  3. The grill rubber/plastic(?) material on the front looks rather unnatural because of the noise on it. Try turning down the color and Nor sliders on the mapTo buttons.
  4. The silver cans that are in the fog lights(?) are too close the the front. Inset them somewhat.
  5. There should be a depression around the door handle.
  6. The turn indicator light is to small on the Z axis. On the real thing it’s somewhat taller.
  7. There should be a glass over the headlights. Imagine how the bugs will get stuck with the way it’s now.
  8. There seems to be a normal issue or something on the middle lower end of the nose. Like a dark streak down the very middle of the lower front on the top picture.

Understand that I’m not picking on you. Just I know that staring at one thing for too long causes you to go blind on all the mistakes.


  1. Not all tires are shiny
  2. I’m not trying to make the standard camaro. I’m making my own
  3. Yeah… I noticed that too. Trying to fix.
  4. oops… Yeah. Forgot about that. Haha!
  5. I think thats cause I didn’t have a light pointing directly at the front. Idk.

No prob.

The wheels really aren’t shiny enough.

Example: http://shakesoda.deviantart.com/art/Concept-WIP-04-wheel-92379535 (looking back, those rims need a lot of work)

Nice. It look really nice.

amazing how do you car model it can you plz help me

@ mikey53561995
http://www.darkscarab.com/tutorials/blender/car001.php ,

Nice camarro though I tried working on one myself. Didn’t go well =/

Yeah I think I started over my first one like 5 times. It sucked in the beginning. :rolleyes:

thanks ive tried that i cant get the images the same sizes:RocknRoll::no::mad::yes::yes::yes::yes::yes::yes:

Hey, I just started to work on that tutorial, Im on page 3… But I can’t my image that clear… Is it possible to make the background image clearer??

Nice camaro :yes: Looks really good